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Dec 4, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. We saw a lot of great things in a variety of bike seats, but couldn't find a solution that met all of our needs.

I got to work pulling together all of the best bits and landed on Mac Ride - a lean design that is more engaging for the child is easy to take on and off and is compatible with almost any bike. Mac Ride has really expanded the range of our rides. Robbie loves it. He is always asking me to find little jumps and corners to hit. Being able to take Myla places, with her bike strapped onto our backpacks, while using Mac Ride allows her to ride around lakes, past waterfalls, and old growth trees on her own and ride in places that are just too far for her to get to under her own power.

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She can feel the air in her hair, see the cool trees, and beautiful forest. She can experience the flow of trails and travel at speeds not available to her - within reason, obviously - with her limited ability, fitness, and experience at age 6.

These moments are priceless and give her a real feel for why we, her parents, love mountain biking so much. The impact it has had on our family is incredible. Instead of doing the typical taking turns as parents, or not covering very much terrain, we get the keys to the castle so to speak, to be able to truly ride as a family.

Myla, shown here with her dad three years ago, still enjoys using Mac Ride with her family. With Mac Ride, we could plan cycling trips again. We really wanted a child bike seat we could travel easily with so we could keep up with our active holidays.

Mac Ride is simple to fold up and pop in your carry-on luggage - and is lightweight. We're Going Mountain Biking. Posted In: Press Releases. I've used this seat for 2 years now and it has vastly exceeded my expectations. We've used it to commute to preschool and as part of family mountain bike vacations. This seat is a total game changer and I only wish it was around when my oldest children were young.

I currently use it to extend rides where we bring my son's 12" pedal bike strapped to my back pack - so I basically serve as the shuttle and support vehicle for his explorations. Other than that, you can pretty much ride anything you otherwise would have maybe minus the jumps and drops - just at a slightly slower pace but trust me, you can still rip. It really opens up family riding to new levels.

My children will have this one day. I love this idea :. Finally fitted mine and taken our 2 year old out and he absolutely loves it. Only been round the block and a couple of miles to a mate's house but jeez he's giggling and laughing all the time.

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Cannot wait to go on a tame off raod trail somewhere! It's sturdy and well built, totally worth the price. Mac-Ride Jan 10, at Take my money. This put a smile on our faces.

macride bike seat

Ashley Mac Ride team.Sometimes it's the small quiet gestures that make the difference. For your contribution and show of support we will send you a direct thank you and keep you in the loop on our progress. If you really believe in the family adventure you can always take advantage of the "or more" option. Not to mention a special "thank you" kiss and cuddle. Kids love nothing better than another kid on an adventure. Jun 13, - Jul 13, 30 days.

Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. The sleek, minimal design, with your child in front, ensures there is nothing between you and your greatest family adventures.

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Project shipping is underway. Please email info mac-ride. Follow along! Glen Dobson. Last updated October 25, Share this project. You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery Jul Kickstarter is not a store.

It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward. Estimated delivery Dec Ships to Anywhere in the world. Shipping destination. A seat for the whole clan. Funding period Jun 13, - Jul 13, 30 days.If you like cycling and you have a toddler, this is a must have purchase.

Really gives them the feeling of riding the bike rather than bobbing about strapped into a plastic seat. Thumbs up from me, amazing design and craftsmanship. Fantastic bit of kit, easy to use and install with a little bit of bike maintenance knowledge and my son finds it comfortable and great fun.

A great way of spending time together out on the bike and he feels like an active participant, not just being ridden around. Good that two spacers were included as can place on 2 bikes and easily transfer Macride between the 2. He has just turned 3 and is already 1m tall. Not sure if it will last until 5 years old. Be careful if the child decides to stand up in the stirrups as could end up smacking you under the jaw. Wouldn't recommend cycling your bike with Macride attached without child as it rattles around quite a lot without weight of child.

Stirrups can rotate which can make inserting feet tricky. Handlebar grips are a good addition though careful as they get stronger and decide they want to go a certain direction. A fairly expensive bit of kit but feels good quality and sturdy. I am very happy with the Mac Ride child seat that I purchased recently. Fitting was straightforward and it feels very well made and secure, also the weight distribution when my child is aboard is excellent, with no appreciable difference to the handling of the bike.

It is more expensive than other solutions out there but I feel it is worth the cost as it is a very well designed and manufactured item.

My 22 month old daughter has been out on the mtb with me on a steerer mounted seat from another manufacturer from around 5 months and has loved it, but she is now too big for that, so I wanted a new seat.

After reading a lot of reviews I thought the Mac Ride looked like just the thing and purchased it. The seat was shipped quickly to me, and on unboxing it I was pleased to see a well packaged, well prepared product. Installation was simple and the instructions were very clear. Setting it up to suit my daughter was simple thanks to the easily adjustable footrests and within one hour we were out on the bike.

She absolutely loves it and at the end of every ride wants "more" riding. The positioning of her on the bike and her weight distribution doesn't really make riding the bike any more difficult than usual, and it is great being able to interact with her as we ride.

Overall, a well designed and well built product that I'm very happy with and would happily recommend to others! The best. Just the best! Opens up the forest way more than a trailer, a great work out, safe and stable.

Spot on. Expensive but the best. We use this for our 2. It means he can experience the trails with my husband or I.Mac Ride does not use a cumbersome mould, shoulder straps or harnesses because a child strapped to a moulded seat absorbs the shakes and rattles of a moving bike. Only with Mac Ride can your child stand up on the stirrups, sharing the handlebars with you to help guide toward the right path or the line off an upcoming curb.

Your child learns to absorb the bumps in the path by bending legs and arms, just as you do. The main Mac Ride tubes are from stock aluminum for strength and lightness. They have a telescoping action which it allows the seat to easily shrink or stretch to different sizes of bike. The stirrups are made of stock steel for strength and bendability during manufacture. The stirrups and legs adjust in length to fit different child sizes, to grow with your child, and to make sure your child's feet are out of the way of any moving parts.

You can adjust the angle of the stirrups using one allen key bolt and the length by easy spring button. The stirrup feet have rubber straps to secure your child's feet. These are strong enough to hold them in place over bumpy terrain but elastic enough to release in the rare event of an accident. This is comfortable, and self leveling, since the seat may go on many different bikes at many different angles.

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Your child will always rest in the lowest part of the scoop which also means they do not need to use arm strength to keep themselves in place whilst climbing or descending as adults do. The rear clamp attaches to the seat post and has a 3 point mount which can enlarge or shrink depending on the size of the seat tube. A quick release ensures a quick and easy install or removal. This headset spacer is a permanent installation for as long as you would like to have the freedom of using Mac Ride.

Several spacers can be installed on many different bikes to allow for multiple different riders for each seat. The front clamp can fit around this headset spacer and is secured by a captive allen bolt. Once the allen key bolt is fully tightened, the clamp has enough tolerance to allow the spacer to turn inside the clamp, thus allowing you to steer with little or no resistance.

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BLUE - Mac Ride Child Bike Seat

Log in Create account. Here we share a few of Mac Ride's unique and quality features. But first, please enjoy a wee video to see what Mac Ride is all about! The closeness sends a message of comfort to your little one, and defines you together as a riding team. This helps with balance and stability.

With Mac Ride, there is no forced strain on your bike or the seat. The innovative Mac Ride mounts ensure your combined weight loads the forks and your seat post, exactly the load for which your bike was designed.We are a reader supported site.

We earn an affiliate commission when you buy through our links. Read the review below for all the reasons why the Mac Ride excels on everything from paved trails to singletrack! The Mac Ride is a unique front-mounted child bike seat that places kids front and center while riding with their parents.

From riding singletrack to commuting to preschool, the Mac Ride is suitable for a wide variety of rides and riders. To get the best feel of how the Mac Ride performs in various conditions, we tested it out with three different parents and kids around the neighborhood, at the skate park, as well as on basic mountain biking trails.

Kelly, our resident dad tester from Haven Outdoorstested out the Mac Ride on his mountain bike with his 2-year-old daughter. Natalie, mom of three and Two Wheeling Tots founder, tested out the Mac Ride around the neighborhood with her five-year-old.

Lastly, Fressia, one of our resident mom testers, has done in-depth reviews of various mid-mount child bike seats with all four of her kids aged 1. Their individual thoughts and experiences with the Mac Ride are outlined in the performance section below. Its unique shape keeps kids cradled both front to back and side to side, adding to the safety of the seat.

Although not padded like other similar seats, its molded shape is comfortable for little bottoms. The MacRide has a fantastic stirrup design, our favorite of any of the MTB child seats we have tested. The stirrups adjust both up and down as well as forward and back.

Because of this, the Mac Ride is more customizable to fit the specific size requirements of your child than any other MTB seat on the market. On the Shotgun and the DoLittle, all riders have their feet at the same height, regardless of their size. As a result, taller children end up with their knees in their chest while they ride.

The MacRide has stirrups and footrests that are made from a similar plastic as the seat, allowing a shoe to easily grip and not slip. However, the stirrups are far more malleable than the seat, making them super easy to adjust and allowing a child to break free of them in the event of a crash.

These mini grips make it easier and more comfortable for a child to hold on to the bike when riding an extra adventurous trail. The process may be a pain for some parents, but depending on your frequency of use, may be totally worth it. The Mac Ride is unique in that additional space is not needed on the steer tube to mount the seat. Installation differs slightly depending on the type of bike on which the seat will be installed. Most hybrid and mountain are built with threadless headset, for which the Mac Ride mounts with a spacer bracket.

If your bike has a traditional threaded headset, you will need to purchase an adapter in order to install the Mac Ride. Once the spacer is placed and the handlebars are re-tightened, the seat can easily be installed and removed within minutes.

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Mounting the adapter bracket is equally as easy and convenient as mounting the standard Mac Ride bracket. The handlebar stem is removed from the steerer tube and the adapter is placed on the quill stem of the steerer tube.The majority of the links on this site are affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.

The seat fits kids ages 2 to 5. Unlike most other seats that warn against use on off-road trails, the Mac Ride is actually marketed to the mountain bike community.

Mac Ride Bike Seat Review

It works well on singletrack thanks to its ability to mount to all types of mountain bikes including bikes with dropper postsits narrower-than-average profile, and plenty of front-wheel clearance.

While popular with the off-road crew, there is nothing stopping this seat from being used solely for around-town commuting and recreational bike path rides. First-time installation and adjustment of the Mac Ride take a bit of effort, but after that, it installs quickly minutes. The seat attaches to the bike in two places: to the headset via a special spacer and to the seatpost. This is a huge plus, and sets the Mac Ride apart from other child-hauling products on the market.

The only minor con in the design is the fact that the seat requires the installation of a special headset spacer. On my Ibis Mojo, the special spacer replaced two regular headset spacers and only took a few minutes to swap out.

Mac Ride Releases Child Seat to Get Families Mountain Biking

The seat comes with a second spacer, so you can swap the seat easily between two different bikes. The only time I see the headset thing being a real issue is if you are renting or borrowing a bike. The seat is small enough to toss in a carry-on bag and can quickly attach to a city bike or rental bike.

Once the headset spacer is installed, the front ring of the bike seat clamps on via a hex-bolt. Tightening this is easy, but does require an allen wrench not included. No tools are required for this step. My favorite part of the Mac Ride is the adjustable stirrups. The legs are retractable and have several different length settings so that they can grow with your child.

For my 5-year-old, the legs are extended to their full length. This is a very important thing to take note of. We used the TykeToter for several years, and while we loved it, I never felt comfortable fully recommending it to parents due to the lack of stirrups.

Another close competitor, The DoLittle seat, includes stirrups that address the safety issue, but Mac Ride one-ups their stirrup design by making the legs extendable. Not only are the legs extendable to improve comfort for the child, they also rotate forward or backward in order to adjust both for maximum comfort and for safety. With a small adjustment allen wrench requiredwe were able to change the angle of the legs providing PLENTY of clearance between his feet and the front wheel.

Thanks to the extendable bar and the weight distribution, the Mac Ride is compatible with most bikes. As previously mentioned, it is also compatible with most dropper posts which is a huge plus in my book. There are a few notable exceptions to the near-universal compatibility. Compared to virtually all other child-hauling devices, the Mac Ride is crazy light.

This is kind to the parent those kids are heavy enough and makes the seat really easy to transport and store. When not in use, the seat folds up nice and tidy and can be stuffed in a backpack or stored on a shelf or bin.

The seat is both narrower and further forward than many other front-mounted seats, making it easier for me to pedal and maneuver up and over obstacles. For the child, the seat, while minimal, is comfortable and soft.

I immediately noticed that my always wiggly kiddo was considerably less wiggly in this seat than others, presumably because his backside is more comfortable. His body position and angle on the seat also seemed better on this seat than others, and he has mentioned several times that the Mac Ride is his new bike seat of choice.

Like other front-mounted child bike seats, the Mac Ride is super interactive. My son and I sing songs, practice counting, and tell each other silly stories while we ride.This is the best!

macride bike seat

It's been a blast on trails, the pump track and the city. The replacement part fits perfectly. The service, speed of shipping and all was fantastic even during this crazy pandemic period. Great service. My son and I luv your product. You have allowed us to share quality time that I never thought possible.

We bought the Mac ride for Christmas and could start riding a couple of weeks ago. This seat is just the absolute door opener to the outdoor playground. The handling is just brilliant and you can easily swap the seat from bike to bike even when on the way.

macride bike seat

Our son has so much fun and after riding with us he now enjoys his balance much more. The service of the Team concerning questions or problems is just excellent. If you want a bike seat stop searching take this one. Best from the German alps. One of the best things I have ever bought. My little girl loves going for rides and I enjoy every minute on the bike with her, and it is alot easier to get out of the house and ride when I can bring the kido with me.

Probably one of the greatest accessories for my bike. Being able to bring the little one along is the best way to bring an extra element of joy to the ride. I went back and forth a lot between this and another 'shotgun' related product. Let me say, this was definitely the right choice.

macride bike seat

I angsted over this for a long time and I'm so glad I ended up here where I landed. You'll be happy you made the same decision. I bought a new bike for myself and my four year old since she's big enough to start riding trails with me, but I was still trying to figure out how to get our 2 year old involved so my wife and I wouldn't need to swap out watching her and riding with our oldest. We had a rear seat and trailer for riding paths but I hadn't found anything for getting in the dirt.

When I saw the Mac ride I was hesitant at first because of the lack of "safety features" but it didn't take long to realize that being able to pull my kid off in a crash was much safer than having her strapped to the bike. We've used the Mac ride every single day since we got it, and it's a cinch to swap between my bike and my wife's.

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With 2 minutes of adjustment I can even get my four year old on it and now both girls are always begging to ride it. I only wish I'd known about this seat when my oldest was younger!!

How To Mac Ride - Teach Your Kid How To Ride a Bike - A New Way to Teach Your Kid to ride bikes MTB

I started looking at Mac-ride over the winter. My son is 6 and my daughter is 3. Thanks to the Mac-ride, we can now go on family trail rides. My daughter loves going through bumpy sections and over rollers. I have the spacers set up on a Yeti sb6 and a surly crosscheck. Nothing to drag out of a shed or weird clamps on odd shaped chain stays. Just simple. We bought the mini grips and they work to keep her hands a bit warmer too.

The price seemed steep at first, but the freedom and family time you get out of this make it worth twice as much. I had high hopes for this seat after reading reviews and it has exceeded expectations! My 22 month old absolutely loves it and asks to go 'mac riding' all the time. Easy to move between bikes.